Robinson Crusoe - A vida vai bem com Robinson Crusoe
Robinson Crusoe - A vida vai bem com Robinson Crusoe


THE COMPLETE CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND SUSTAINABILITY PROGRAM that Robinson Crusoe is a part of. It goes beyond manufacturing products.

We follow a complete philosophy that guides our steps towards the best quality processes, whether in the development of products or in the performance of services and tasks. We live integrated in this ECOSYSTEM OF THE GOOD called WE SEA.

Our consciousness is in all our activities and is present in all our actions. Our CORPORATE CONSCIOUSNESS seeks excellence in many ways!

Robinson Crusoe - A vida vai bem com Robinson Crusoe

Responsible fishing and purchasing

Our own and third-party FISHING SYSTEM is always sustainable and non-predatory. Our purchases also follow conscious, fair, and responsible processes.

Quality policy

Our QUALITY POLICY is HUMANIZED and has its main care base in living beings. Quality in the acquisition of raw materials, transformation processes and EXCELLENCE IN THE PRODUCT that will always be rich in flavor, healthiness, and nutrients.

Renewable energy and the environment

We always strive for the use of RENEWABLE, alternative ENERGIES that RESPECT the ENVIRONMENT and the life around them.

Social responsability

We always act with SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. We are aware of the acts we practice, and we always seek the best for the environments in which we act and interact.

circular economy

THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY is a latent part of our lives. Our production and consumption model considers a strong REUSE and USE of beings, materials and products existing in our supply, production, and relationship chain. We strive daily to ELIMINATE WASTE and minimal waste.




We love, we were born and live from the sea, and we are dedicated to maintaining our sustainability according to our history!

A story of life and faith! Where life at sea and beyond the sea fills our hearts with reason and love! Therefore, we are a group committed to generating sustainable, responsible, and committed relationships with human beings and all ecosystems in order to respect everything and everyone for a coexistence focused on survival and the quality of relationships, whether by:

Sustainable fisheries process, policies of total commitment to quality, involvement and commitments to the environment, social and community responsibility and generation of processes that generate a circular economy, where we are involved and committed to everyone we relate to.

In other words, life is always involved in our life! And it is for life that we promote products, services, and love!

Life goes well with ROBINSON CRUSOE!

Robinson Crusoe - A vida vai bem com Robinson Crusoe